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How to make an Order…?

You can now easily and safely get a quote, place an order, Through Quick Contact / Telephone Call / E-Mail / Visiting Office. Any personal information given will be used only by us to process your order. We encourage you to ask us questions and learn about our products and services. By talking about your plans, we can identify potential issues and provide advice, solutions or alternatives, which will potentially save you time, money and stress!


Measuring the size

The most important part of the installation procedure for UPVC windows and doors, comes before you even order your windows. It is critical that you measure your window opening properly and accurately. This is why our NEW ERA’s trained technicians will take their own measurements before manufacture. . Ideally you should get the closest fit possible.


Choose Suitable Design

New Era showroom is meant to inspire and guide you in your selection of doors and windows in order to match your project's end result with your budget. Our staff can help in choosing custom designs, shapes and sizes.


Choose Suitable Glasses

Our staff can help in pick a glass which provides you soundproofing, or pick a glass type, which absorbs heat and reduces radiant heat entering through the window, without diminishing the amount of light passing through. Also, there are window glasses, which are very strong and resist wind. There are certain glasses which provide security, and are hard to break.


Preparing Quotation

The choice of styles and materials we offer make it impossible to publish a price list. However we are always delighted to prepare a quotation for your particular requirements. Tell us what sizes your openings are what style, material and finish you would like and we will quote for your exact needs - without obligation.


Approval with Deposit

We require you to deposit 60% of the total amount by Cheque / Cash with a written signed order giving full details (sketches and all relevant dimensions in mm) of the ordered items. Also required to submit which will cover the remaining 40% as a Post-dated Cheque to make process after installation of your Upvc Doors & Windows.  NEW ERA will not start the manufacture of your Doors and windows, until payment is received. If you require UPVC Doors and Windows urgently, please make the deposit payment promptly. We try to accommodate you as much as possible, however we will not be able to manufacture your order of double glazed windows and doors without the 60% deposit. Confirmation of your order will be forwarded to you once the 60% deposit is received.

Check the information you provide carefully because incorrectly specified glass or double glazing window and door items, whether style or size may not be easily changed if manufacturing has commenced. If manufacturing has not commenced, you will be able to change your order of double glazed windows and doors anytime.


Mass Production

Our schedule of delivery for most double glazed windows and doors allows for us to take few weeks to manufacture utilizing mass production.


Delivery on Site

Delivery of NEW ERA UPVC windows, doors and products within the Muscat city does not attract a fuel surcharge. Customers who have urgent needs for delivery of their UPVC windows and doors can always provide a direct delivery.


Trouble free installation

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and we do all we can to ensure a trouble free installation and operation for many years to come. It is easy for us because we are supremely confident that our windows and doors will withstand the test of time even in a harsh environment because we use materials of unsurpassed quality.

NEW ERA installers are trained experts in installation of the windows having training in accordance to international standards. 


The installers ensures as under after fixing up of windows

Proper opening and closing function of the operating sash.
Proper operation and tension of the sash balances (friction Hinge) if any.
Proper function of Roller assemblies.
Proper function of operating Handles.
Proper function of locking mechanism.
Proper function of the Screen (if any) including movement in its track and its removal.